About Us

EssentialPIM vision

Why should I choose your software? What makes it better than other personal information managers? What exactly does it do? To these questions, other software vendors may just respond with only "Buy our software NOW" – which still leaves you with your questions. So why choose EssentialPIM? Because EssentialPIM does exactly what a personal information manager does, it manages your personal information - no more, and no less. It is that simple.

What makes EssentialPIM so special and unique, is that we have created every feature in EssentialPIM from customer requests - customers just like you. What company can claim they put that level of personal attention in their product? Our happy customers have requested EVERY feature in EssentialPIM. And we discuss almost each suggestion in our development forums, often scheduling it for quick implementation. We personally answer each help request on the forum and in emails. Our large team of real-world beta testers thoroughly test each release. We are here to help you and proud of that. With our focus on everyday users and their needs, you can't go wrong.

Just give EssentialPIM a try. And let us take care of the rest.