In a year when our homes turned into offices and our cars became waiting rooms for appointments, this blog has been a cyberspace water cooler of sorts, a place for enthusiasts of simplicity and efficient organization to gather.

In our first year we have swapped all sorts of stories, from running EssentialPIM under Linux and using the Contacts module for tracking finances to the possibilities of EPIM for distraction free writing.

10 updates, lots of new features

And there has been lots of news. The year began with EssentialPIM at version 8.63. We end, 11 updates later, at version 9.6. New features that rolled out in 2020 include

  • A dark theme;
  • Colors for tags and assigning individual shortcuts to them;
  • Anchors, or bookmarks, in Notes;
  • Preview of PDF attachments in Notes;
  • Synchronization with Microsoft To Do and synchronization of tags with Toodledo;
  • Toolbar modification: Show/hide icons in the Notes toolbar; show/hide the main toolbar in all modules;
  • The ability to change dates and times for appointments and tasks in bulk.

No question, 2020 has been a year with lots to talk about. Most everybody I talk to can't wait to see it over. I'm right there with them.

You can shape EssentialPIM in 2021

Which gets us looking to the new year. What's ahead for EssentialPIM? Check here for a road map of features where you can have a say about how EPIM will look when we're putting 2021 behind us. Be sure to vote. You can also suggest something that isn't listed but might appeal to the community at large.

You can also help keep the talk going here with the blog. What would you like to know more about? Is there a function you're struggling to figure out? Leave a comment to let us know. We'd like to know what's on your mind.

Bugs are different. If you have encountered something that doesn't work or behave as you expect, check the support forum to see if it has been reported and, if not, post what you discovered.

Contributions from around the globe

December marks the first anniversary of the EssentialPIM blog. I have appreciated your feedback in the comments and the participation of guest writers Nathalie from France, Peter from Australia, and Axel from Germany. We look forward to hearing from them again and from other guests. The appeal of EssentialPIM across the globe continually impresses me.

Until next time, best wishes and warm regards for the holidays and year ahead.

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