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Hide until field for tasks...

Post by Kieranz »

Hi Maxim or Anyone,
Is there a feature like below:
From: www.dextronet.com SwiftToDo List
Hide Until... field for your tasks is an extremely useful innovative feature.
[*] Think of it as a "mega-snooze" for your tasks: It allows you to hide tasks until a later date.
[*] Is your list too full and cluttered? Well, hide the stuff you don't have to worry about for now until later! When the specified unhide date comes, it will re-appear on your to-do list. You can hide things until tomorrow, for a week, for a month, for a year - or until any date you want!
[*] With Hide Until field, your to-do list will be sustainable and useful. You won't abandon it, as it will never become too cluttered. It will remain short and sweet.

Few examples would be, Passport Renewal, Driver Licence Renewal, Annual Subscription, Licence Renewal, Membership Fees, School End of Year Report etc.
To be hidden until a month/week/day before Start Date. eg My Passport expires 28Dec21. Start Date: 15Nov21 (for the process) Due Date 21Dec21 (submit, interview etc). So this task I can Hide Till... from my list till 14Nov21. And so on.
Many thanks

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Re: Hide until field for tasks...

Post by admin »

Nice suggestion, also thanks for the detailed description about how it should function. Will add it into our to do list.
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Re: Hide until field for tasks...

Post by Jon »

You can approximate this by activating Group By | Due date. Then, just collapse the undesired sections. For me that results in less clutter and the ability to quickly access what is coming up.


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Re: Hide until field for tasks...

Post by lbw2112 »

+1 for Kieranz suggestion. I used to use a Chores app that has an "Active On" date to select when the task shows up. If it's empty it's there all the time or gives options like Active On Before Start Date "Day", "Week", "Month" or you can set a date, "This worked great to keep it uncluttered and I can see at a glance what needs to be done soon, instead of having to look at a whole list. It was a very basic app but I remembered liking that feature.

In trying to keep these things only in EPIM, i usually just create an Appointment with a specific Category selected for that date. It works but would rather have a "Hide Until" or "Active On" date field like the OP suggested. Would make it neater and keep things more organized, especially when I find I have way more future To Do's than current, like over a 100.

I use it for the same things as was originally stated, plus things like Gardening, Vehicle Maintenance, Home Maintenance, etc.


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