Why you DON'T like EPIM?

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Re: Why you DON'T like EPIM?

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Just a comment about local folders: I use only POP3. I have two working accounts, and one old, discontinued account, which is almost empty. I disabled the "include this account when receiving email" in account settings. The other two, I use this way: I made a rule, "move all incoming emails from account A to account B", so I get all emails in the same inbox.
So, my suggestion is, even if you are using IMAP, just create a POP3 account- just anyone, it does not have to work- and then disable receiving emails for this account. This way you have a local folder, where you can keep your emails.
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Re: Why you DON'T like EPIM?

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mrkwhlbrk wrote: Sun Apr 04, 2021 10:53 pm +1 on the email Local Folders, I want to reduce the data left in the cloud as much as possible, and I have several gigabytes of email going back years that I want to keep in Local Folders.
Also interested.
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