Why do you like EssentialPIM?

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Re: Why do you like EssentialPIM?

Post by mithcd »

The ability to work with CalDAV servers. Love it. Image

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Re: Why do you like EssentialPIM?

Post by norsea »


Having Calindar/ToDo/Notes/Contacts/eMail/Passwords all encrypted in one single application is such a productivity boost for me that I have a very difficult time explaining to people why this is.

I have encryption software on my computers that I use to keep so many folders/files protected - OK I am a security freak when it comes to data on computers.

Having to have spreadsheets/memo/word docs, etc., etc. encrypted and going through the encryption/decryption process each time something is needed can be very cumbersome.

And trying to keep day to day info that I need at my fingertips readily available when on the move becomes more challenging each day.

I should note that I am new to Epim because I have been in need of something that would work with Android. That is now available and I am in the test phase with the new beta version of Epim.


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Re: Why do you like EssentialPIM?

Post by admin »

All the permissions needed in order to perform synchronizations correctly with Android devices... Explanation of permissions used is available in the app description on Google Play.
Android version of EssentialPIM. Keep all your data in sync!

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Re: Why do you like EssentialPIM?

Post by meandmycats »

I love that it's fast, easy to use, and I can customize it to fit my very small business.

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Re: Why do you like EssentialPIM?

Post by robi »

I really like the year view (although it lacks a "all day event only" filter).
And this feature doesn't exist in competitor softwares.

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Re: Why do you like EssentialPIM?

Post by glenn59 »

I like:
Sync available for Android without using cloud (plus sync for other folks too),
That over the years, the development has continued to progress,
That little checkmark in To Do that adds To Do to calendar CORRECTLY,
The calendar year view (as previously mentioned),
That it resides on my flash drive for portability and security concerns,
The week numbers for rough scheduling,
The fact that I can hierarchically list tasking in sub-groups, and have that hyperlink appear in To Do, and that link appear on the calendar, also all CORRECTLY,
The "Strikeout" feature in formatting (for completed tasks that allows me to copy entire list and remove strikeout preventing the need to retype the list),
The ability to move an entire sub-group to another group,
The multiple leaves in the necessary places,
and the list could go on but,
Especially, the unlimited free trial that others don't offer which allowed me to try the program in the first place!
By the way, I still use the 2.56 version for special projects.
Keep up the good work guys. And no, I'm am not in any way personally involved in development, except for a few suggestions.

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Re: Why do you like EssentialPIM?

Post by NoteIILTE »

It is:

1. Provide a life-time license for future upgrades
2. Run the first time it is installed
3. Provide feature-rich functions as advertised
4. Periodic upgrades available to excite users. (password module added, synchronization added. Mind you, these were major upgrades!!)
5, Easy of use.
6. Prompt/timely customer support to resolve problems.
7. All the attributes of a successful software!!


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Re: Why do you like EssentialPIM?

Post by PaulMSmith »

Things that appealed to me (used for at least 3 years now)
FREE version which I used for quite a while before upgrading.
All in one PIM
Great alarm system
PORTABLE - thumb drive independence.
Small footprint - memory overhead.
Great notes - I use this instead of Notepad and it keeps everything in one place.
Interface is consistent and obvious. No real need to use Help

Why I upgraded to Pro
Sync with Smartphone via Google.
Figured I had used it long enough and should contribute.


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Re: Why do you like EssentialPIM?

Post by MattPIM_LA »

I really like this contact manager. I am extremely fussy about my contact manager software and as a prior software developer know how to test software thoroughly and the great majority of it is miserably riddled with bugs. (Like Chaos Intellect) Or it's too huge and convoluted. Have not seen one real bug yet, only some features that IMHO could be slightly better implemented. I like EPIM because its interface is very slick and modern, and its incredibly responsive. Import is imperceptibly fast. Mapping fields is simple and effective as is creation of new fields, selection of them and deselection. The speed at which you can search for text data simultaneously through ALL fields including notes is way cool and is a very advanced feature I have not even really seen anywhere. After getting frustrated and irritated with most CRM products, I am using this to handle contact management for business prospecting and it is extremely flexible and simple and does the job - and I recommend further development to enhance it for better CRM. I can go anywhere and look at anything instantly. Plus I only have the FREE version and soon I will buy the professional version and am sure will be further boggled. What's really cool is there is a very responsive user forum, plus this thing is so flexible and open ended that it can be endlessly upgraded and added-on to. I think it needs some better text handling applets like S&R / default values option say for doing global changes / selected records in CONTACTS, which would also allow you to give default field values if you need to sort on this. Other than that I am really digging it, it's a pleasure to use well-designed bug-free software, such a rarity.

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Re: Why do you like EssentialPIM?

Post by mithcd »

Working with email messages through different devices is such a convenience for everyone! Image

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Re: Why do you like EssentialPIM?

Post by sjborch »

I held off upgrading Essential PIM as I was looking for something to sync with Outlook, etc. When I was able to sync with Google, Yahoo, .. you-name-it I was hooked. So impressed that I bought lifetime updates! As a bonus, the portable installation runs fine from my USB key, and even runs under Wine and Knoppix. Nothing else has worked so well as Essential PIM.

This is before I've even started to use its features.

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Re: Why do you like EssentialPIM?

Post by core_33 »

1. for me it replaces two apps: thebat! - a mail client, which is not quite user friendly as EPIM, and keynote nf - a nice tree notes app, which doesn't support image embedding
2. I have access to all my notes with android phone. Previously I had been waiting for the phone with desktop version of windows to run keynote nf on it :lol:
3. Active forum with requests being listened to.

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Re: Why do you like EssentialPIM?

Post by MacLinDroid »

Free for private use
Paid version is affordable
Value for money
Ease of use
Intuitive interface
Not a resource hog

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Re: Why do you like EssentialPIM?

Post by moontan »

Why do you like EssentialPIM?

it has the best calendar of all the PIMs i have tried so far.
and it's one of the very few PIMs that has an email client.

being able to link to any specific word inside a document is also very nice.

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Re: Why do you like EssentialPIM?

Post by doug3909 »

Initially what drew me to the program was its portability. At work the network security is tight and we don't have the luxury of logging into on line calendars. Smartphones are great, but the screen size limits my ability to see and input calendar appointments and tasks. EPIM gives me the ability my todo list and calendar up to date.

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