Why do you like EssentialPIM?

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Re: Why do you like EssentialPIM?

Post by KenC »

No bloat, does what it does and well.

I was using Pegasus Mail before since forever, but I needed calendar and notes etc.

Only thing I miss is just being able to copy the whole app folder with everything in it like I could with Pegasus, I see some speaking about USB version, gotta look into that, would be icing on the cake :)

I upgraded to support development, didn't really need the pro features but they are nice to have.

EDIT: Thought of one more thing... I got the pro version for my Dad, he's 87 and doesn't take to new things easily, he got it right away and is checking his mail with no problems and even exploring the other features.

Keep up the good work :)

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Re: Why do you like EssentialPIM?

Post by nord »

Max wrote:Hello everyone,

we are now compiling some ads for the Pro version and it would be really insightful to know- what do you, actual users, like in EssentialPIM? Why do you prefer it over any other PIM around here?
Any comments would be highly appreciated, thank you in advance!
I'm brand new to EssentialPIM, but overall, the learning curve has been easy. Unlike Sunbird or Outlook, the two standalone competitors out there, this one loads fast and imports/exports ICS properly for use with online calendars (my favorite being the AOL calendar). Very much appreciated.


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Re: Why do you like EssentialPIM?

Post by henwri »

Like the poster above, I'm new to EssentialPIM (and a small business owner). I don't know how I kept track of contacts 'pre-PIM' -- but it was messy :oops:! What's more, I've found it easy to use, which is paramount for me. Thanks!

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Re: Why do you like EssentialPIM?

Post by snuffytu »

I'm a long time user (a lifer) because it's FAST and inexpensive! I see a lot of users excited about the Free version but they are missing out on a great PIM by not getting the PRO version. I especially like the ability to password protect my EPIM program/files which prevents prying eyes or snoops from looking at my mail or contact info. Thanks Max. I remain a loyal user. :D

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Re: Why do you like EssentialPIM?

Post by Roel »

EPIM list.jpg
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Roel Hammerschlag
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Re: Why do you like EssentialPIM?

Post by joelkevinbaker »

it's not just email. I found that out last night.
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Re: Why do you like EssentialPIM?

Post by christian_bayern »

I like it, because no cloud is needet :-)

- EPIM pro 7.62 on Linux Mint 18.3 with Wine_3
- EPIM Pro 5.3.5 on Sailfish X
- OwnCloud 10.0.3

Works perfectly, thanks :-)

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Re: Why do you like EssentialPIM?

Post by hanct »

I almost started off shifting my notes from onenote to evernote, then I see essentialPIM. I was blown off. Below is what I like

1) Notes allow creating table, with many features such as merge cells (missing in onenote), and many basic features of table editing options (onenote sucks in this area)
2) Format painter! (missing in evernote!)
3) Sync with google drive, gmail, calendar, contact, etc...wau!!! (better than evernote).
4) Portable version and quick and lightway.

Thumb up!

Doug W.
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Re: Why do you like EssentialPIM?

Post by Doug W. »

Now that I am retired, I did not need to use Outlook. I also no longer get a inexpensive copy of the Microsoft Office via it's HUP program, so I was looking for a replacement for Outlook on the desktop and VCOrganizer on my phone. EssentialPIM fills that need nicely. Here are the list of things I liked about it:

1. It supports contacts, calendar, tasks and notes.
2. It does not require you to use the cloud to sync! Many if not most other programs require you to use Google or some other cloud service to sync.
3. It is nice that the same company handles the application for both my desktop and phone.

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Re: Why do you like EssentialPIM?

Post by Frizzell9 »

I've been using EssentialPIM since the first free versions back in 2005, and I've got to be one of the oldest users and supporters of EPIM in existence by now. That applies to my age as well as old versions. There wasn't even email integrated into it back then. The fact is, EssentialPIM simply brings together over eight individual apps (I'm counting the small ones too), and it does it superbly well. To say some feature doesn't exist is a cop-out. EPIM has never ever stopped evolving, and if something doesn't exist, you can bet the developers will listen and take into consideration the feasibility of said aspect. I have never seen such dedicated customer attention to a software product yet. My entire world is organized into EPIM, with redundant backups on multiple drives, and no one that knows me will ever see me using anything else. Thank You Folks. I love ya!
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Re: Why do you like EssentialPIM?

Post by wigryn »

I tested a lot of PIM and only one could be competitive, but it probably does not exist anymore: Lotus organizer. He had fewer functions, but I liked him. I am waiting in EPIM for a simple financial program and then it will meet all my needs. :D

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Re: Why do you like EssentialPIM?

Post by mvisconte »

Just musing out loud here...
wigryn wrote:
Wed Jun 26, 2019 10:32 am
... but it probably does not exist anymore: Lotus organizer.
Lotus Development was bought by IBM. For a while, there was a Lotus-based office "suite", Lotus Symphony -- that was free (!), but I never tried it. Lotus Organizer was bundled in SmartSuite. The last time Organizer was updated was ... 16 years ago.
IBM announced, in 2013 (6 years ago), that they were dropping support for a lot of SW products, including some Lotus products.
Between those two items, I don't think you'll see Lotus Organizer updated, or even find it.
In June (2019) IBM sold a lot of assets to HCL Tech (an Indian company?), including the Lotus products. I don't see anything on their pages about Organizer, so...
wigryn wrote:
Wed Jun 26, 2019 10:32 am
I am waiting in EPIM for a simple financial program and then it will meet all my needs. :D
It might be a stretch to include "simple" finances. Especially without any description more detailed than that ( :-) ).
There are a lot of available "freebie" apps and programs out there.
There's Mint.com - owned by Intuit - it's a web-based tool.
For personal and portable use, there are some at Portable Apps ( https://portableapps.com/apps ), but I haven't played with any of the finance ones for maybe 10 years, so... um. I don't know what to tell you. :-D I do have a lot of trust with the Portable Apps programs.

Personally, I would lean towards something that was close, personal, and easy to use. To me, that would probably be a smart-phone app - as much as I hate them. It's always on me. The input is limited, but it's always there. I would prefer a computer-based one, but that means you only use it when you're at a keyboard / computer. This would probably be fine, if you're considering it as an add-on to EPIM: you're probably already keyboard based for any significant usage.

Again, I'm just yappin', so take it for what it's worth. Woof.

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Re: Why do you like EssentialPIM?

Post by Rick12 »

The ergonomy is top notch. The functionnality is very well thought out.

I like it very much.
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Re: Why do you like EssentialPIM?

Post by MetalDrop »

The #1 reason I love EPIM: The great development team!

The development team listens to their user base, and takes time to consider feature and suggestions that are reasonably made.

And also +1 for the great community that nudges them in the right direction. :D
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