German language file: deutsch.lng

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German language file: deutsch.lng

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in the language-file i'm missing:

- line 417=&Text
- line 169=Newsletter bestellen
- line 168 seems to be wrong?

- line 2300 - line 2304 are not awailable (Attachments / Anhänge)

I have a problem to edit the language-file, because it is stored in UTF-8 encoding. What editor i need, to save my changes in such a way, that the program will accept them?

Best whishes


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You'll find an updated file "Deutsch.lng" for the free version of epim in the download section.

Problem 168/169 is corrected.

If you talk about the pro version: please test in english only, language files will be included in the next beta.


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German language file: deutsch.lng

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BTW, Deutsch.lng for EPIM PRO v1.5 Beta1 is ready. I'll send it to you, if you want.
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Re: German language file: deutsch.lng

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mmh, 9,5 yrs (!) later.. Date sais post from above is from 2005. Or is it a Bug in the forum?
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Re: German language file: deutsch.lng

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Nope, not a bug. I didn't get the purpose of your post, though.. :)
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