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How to...

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Could you share your solutions for:

Maintaining phone calls journal. Sometimes I need to make short notes and be able to list them sorted by contact or subject (one contact can be assigned to several subjects). Now I use Calendar/Appontment title = contact and Category = subject. This is not perfect.

Diary - keep the entries in Notes or Calendar?

Calculate time needed for a complex task. I’d like to plan a task (okay, my garden) in ToDo module with simple (sub)sub-tasks that are easy to estimate. But how do I know the total time (or cost)?

Thanks in advance
-- M.
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Read data from Win 7 into WIN 10

Post by Baluman »

Hallo Leute, Jahrelang hatte ich keine Probleme mit EPIM. Jetzt habe ich umgetellt von 7 in WIN10. Und nun kann EPim die alte Datenbank nicht mehr lesen. Also wie bringe ich die Epim-Datenbank (-Datei) von 7 nach Win10.
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Re: How to...

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Is there any error message that you're getting?
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