Contact Management on EPIM

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Contact Management on EPIM

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I have wanted to replace my various contact management software with epim for some time but it has never quite had all the necessary tools even though I love it as a pim. Recent additions however mean almost everything is there. To automate some of my tasks I use a macro program called hotkeys but everything is there to be used.
The secret is linking and newsletters.
In the NOTES section I have created a series of merge emails. Since any field I create or exists in epim can be a merge field there is plenty of flexibility. In one case I created a field where the text was specific to that person and fused it with standard text in other fields. One of my macros copies the email, goes to contacts and sets up a newsletter from selected names.
In the CONTACTS section there is a date field used for the last update which automatically sets an annual tickler.
In the CALENDAR the ability to link contacts, emails or notes means that when I send an email requesting a response I can link the sender and the email to the calendar entry reminder so that clicking on the link can bring all this information up without having to search for phone numbers or a reminder of what I emailed or why. I use macros to make the entering of data more automatic.
If I put the data file in DROPBOX I can travel and still maintain my database. I often describe epim as outlook without the steroids and if you do have problems a recognizable human being replies. What is there not to like!

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Re: Contact Management on EPIM

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Thank you, Glenn!
I hope your advanced setup will help other users.

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