You HAVE no Idea

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You HAVE no Idea

Post by ianmonster »

Ever since I started using this magnificent product, I witnessed and enjoyed all feature additions, bug fixes, and generally all improvements made since version 3.74 to the current version while experienced first hand in several occasions throughout this time frame how excellent the development team's customer support. Never had they failed to reply and fix ASAP each and every bug I (and the other users?) encountered and reported. Even in EPIM's earlier versions (no password module, no means to make a call to any person listed in my contact list by simply clicking that little phone icon), this product was and always ahead of the more "mainstream" email clients (I didn't consider EPIM as a real Personal Information Manager back in the ver. 3x years since it didn't have the features I enjoy and heavily use now) because of how easy was it to setup with my email providers, etc. What really made me fall in love with this product during the time was how multiple email accounts were handled (being an OC person, I use multiple email accounts, 12 in total since I want my personal, online purchase related, and work emails separated). Eventual Introduction of the Message Rules feature made EPIM even a greater Email Client than it previously was.

Years and 3 versions later (now at ver 6+), I'm still using this product (though I never purchased the lifetime registration, I renew annually (I guess paying every year (a lot more than if I purchased lifetime instead) was my way to support this product)). I remotely work for a time management company so being able to really organize emails and all other data and files in general ALWAYS HAVE been what I require from the app I use; which EPIM delivers.

My EPIM's email module handles 13 different email accounts while still able to segregate emails according to what email account these where sent to, by automatically "Throwing" these emails to their respective assigned folders. All I have to do is click the "Email" tab, then see everything perfectly organized.

Notes module I heavily use (and can't live without) since I no longer have to open other applications just to document something. What I really like about this is (same with all of EPIM's other modules) the ability to inter-link ANY ITEM in ANY MODULE that EPIM Have.

Password module I also find very helpful since I no longer have to memorize anything. Eventual introduction of "Autofill" made this module even greater. No more manual browser launching and login credential typing; EPIM does everything.

I can't accurately and completely express how great EPIM is in this post so, thanks EPIM folks for creating and continuously making this product even better. And yes, I rarely see my desktop now since I COULD launch EVERYTHING using Essential PIM (interlinking items across all EPIM modules include opening URLs, Files, and even .EXEs; which I'm sure I need not mention)

Kudos and sorry for this very long post :)

P.S:Only feature/s I'm looking forward (hoping for) to now are being able to assign multiple task categories and a saved task search feature (so I could filter and sort tasks according to categories, dates, etc.)

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Re: You HAVE no Idea

Post by mlin »

Would be fantastic to see a video of your current usage...

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Re: You HAVE no Idea

Post by Max »

ianmonster, wow, thank you for the praise. It's a pleasure to hear such words.

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