Success Stories

This forum lists success stories of EPIM users. If you find EPIM useful- welcome to post here!
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Success Stories

Post by HelpdeskThisisJohn »

Here is a place to contribute your stories of how you use EssentialPim.

I've got two locations (home and work) and five computers with three different versions of Windows. Outlook does not make it possible to keep calendar and contacts all straight, no matter what they say about PST's.

Whereever I go, I simply put the .EPIM file, the .INI file and the language filein a USB thumb drive with the "keychain" version of Epim. I'm never out too far away from my calendar or contact data.

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Post by moloko »

I use my EssentialPIM at work and home. With the different color coding the calendar works great for my work appointments and school. I also use a different color to keep tabs on when my bills are paid. Notes are great with the ability to add tables and rich text formatting. I use mine on a USB key and works great.
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Post by Max »

Thank you guys, we really appreciate your appraisals!

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Excellent Companion

Post by zefram2063 »

I have three computers. (NT 4.0 work laptop, 2000 Pro personal laptop, XP home desktop. I use essentialPIM to carry my planner with me where ever I go.

I would use a usb storage device but NT is not usb compatible, so I use a diskette. When I am finished using EPIM I simply save the EPIM database to diskette. Since I have the program installed on each computer this works well.
I carry my planner around on diskette.

I have also tried something else that is cool. I have saved my database as an attachment to a draft memo in GMAIL. Then I don't have to carry anything around with me. I simply open up my gmail account and open up the draft, then open the database attachment and voila i have my current updated database. This rocks!!

I put EVERYTHING in this planner. Work & personal to dos and schedule. No more do I have a work planner and a personal planner. It's all combined.
With the color coded boxes I can quickly sort through work and personal to-dos.
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Post by moloko »

I have another use for EPIM. I made a new database and in the contacts put all the bonsai trees and other plants as a contact. I have photos of them, dates of purchase, pruned/trimmed and age.

In the Notes I have general care notes and updates for each of the trees.
The schedule is used to notify when I have to water and feed the plants and keeps great record of them through out the year. I will be able to monitor each of them.

Great job on the new 1.5v Essential PIM.
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Post by johndoe »

i am using ePIM on a usb keychain as well.
it is my portable to do list, agenda and more....

i am a part time worker (24 hrs a week), part time student and business entrepeneur so i am working across 3 locations for those alone in addition to my gf's place or going to clients' places.

i am using the NOTES section as a section where i put categorized information, including to do lists using the GTD methodology (Get Things Done - David Allen...see more at /

it is so far the only tool i have tried out and sticked with, for almost half a year now.

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Post by Suacasonte »

I use it on my home and work, i have a copy of the USB version in my digital camera's memory. It works fine.

Congratulations Epim Team! :P

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EP is PIM of IT Dept

Post by kdmoyers »

We are starting to keep data about machine configurations of computers here in the machine room, plus contact info of vendors, plus passwords to servers, plus project status. Odd as it may sound, EP is the PIM of our small IT Department as a whole! Love the speed, simplicity, earnest honesty of the EP people. Can't wait for multiuser Pro version!!
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Post by alexweber15 »

I recently moved from Canada back home to Brazil and didn't bring my computer with me... I also didn't want to carry a cumbersome .pst file around which might not be compatible with other versions of outlook for example. I use 2003 at home and XP at work and I've had problems in the past with that. Now I just use EPIM on my USB keychain and all my info is easily accessible no matter where I am! I can't imagine not having this!
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Post by ryan »

All i can say to you guys is thank you. I seem to have the worst memory which doesnt help me at all esspecially being a college student :shock: Ive been searching through tons of freeware programs that just plain suck. I finally came across essentialpim and I think its amazing. I now have reminders of when assignments are due and when my tests are! Best of all esspecially for a college student who doesnt have money to spend on pim software your solution is free and even better then many of the $$ software. Just like to say thanks again for providing a feature full pim software thats free! :D College kids just cant spend money on software :wink:

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Post by Rebel »

Well this thread had given me food for thought I must say. I only downloaded the program yesterday as I am fed up of forgetting to put in last minute bids on ebay items and needed a reminder. I tried 4 such programs which were disappointing to say the least and then found EssentialPIM which was by far the clearest, most intuitive and most versatile. What scares me is that I may have no further need of my feeble human memory at all :-s
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Post by Cobaltblu »

I work in a busy hospital, and cover a lot of ground in a day. Always something to "Book" or arrange, and do a lot of Volunteer Organizing for the Hospital Foundation.
I MUST know where I am, and where I can or cann't be "At all times."
I wear my USB Vault around my neck (very trendy @ the Hospital) 8) more trendy than a stethascope. No matter where I go, I just plug it into any available computer, and BOOM I'm set. Make or chance appt's, tasks, check my availability, NO PROBLEM EVER.
No overlapping commitments, or "I'll get back to you when I check my schedule". And no messing and bulky Daytimer to carry around, and leave somewhere.
EPIM wins hands down over the Zillions I have tried, and is the best thing that has happened to me since my divorce...hee hee. I love the portability.
I love my EPIM...everyday, Cheers Cobaltblu

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Post by chthonic »

Well I am back.... my work has kept me very busy

success story? hmmmmmmmmm

all I can say is that EPIM has made my job and that of my co-workers much easier... we can now keep all of our common data in the same place.

the one thing that helped the most was being about to copy and paste receipts into the table boxes in the notes section.. we now can keep the paper copy safe from fading and we have a digital photo copy stored in EPIM....

no more digging for files etc


Post by Guest »

I have just one remark. How did it happened that being an internet knowledge base and passionate RSS reader in a single person I've never come across EPIM?

Amazing piece of software. It just does its job. But the thing is how.
Brilliant interface based on Outlook, astonishing usability and ease of use. Comes in a small package which delivers professional calendaring experience.

Really, really good.

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Post by skdavey »

Interesting to hear how others have been using Essential PIM. :D

I'd never been keen on Outlook, as I like to use Outlook Express for my email client. But finding Essential PIM has made it so much easier to organise mine and everyone else's life... I really don't think that I could survive without it now!! :lol:

I mainly use for it's calendar schedule and found it particularly useful for adding all my kids activities, appointments and the like. I used to add these to a normal calendar... but then would forget to look at it. Since having this, I've not missed anything important. I also love the "To Do List"... how many times before had I forgotten things? Yes, loads... so this really is wonderful.

I really would recommend this program to everyone, so keep up the great work!! 8)

~ Sue

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