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This forum lists success stories of EPIM users. If you find EPIM useful- welcome to post here!
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Post by stefank60 »

moloko wrote:I have another use for EPIM. I made a new database and in the contacts put all the bonsai trees and other plants as a contact. I have photos of them, dates of purchase, pruned/trimmed and age.

In the Notes I have general care notes and updates for each of the trees.
The schedule is used to notify when I have to water and feed the plants and keeps great record of them through out the year. I will be able to monitor each of them.

Great job on the new 1.5v Essential PIM.
This use has inspired me.

Of course one can use the contacts section as a "free form" (escuse me if I am mis using the term) databae for any use - with the ability to move and add labels the only limits to it's use is one's own imagination.

therefore I shall over the next few days/weeks or months (I am a world champion procrastinator - ironic given the software we are talking about) be creating databases for:

1) My video colllection (both prerecorded and my own videos of stuff )

2) My DVD collection

just think labels for performers, genres etc - it'll be a piece of cake to locate any disc.

Also being able to attach pictures I could search on the internet for images of the sleeves and attach them to each record

Thanks for the inspiration :D
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Post by cyclwestks »

I just found EPIM a few days ago, & have already accomplished more than I can with Outlook.

For the past few years I've owned a PPC & realized fairly quickly several computers & different schedules sure messes things up.

I like the cleaner interface, & it's much easier to stick the USB drive in & open EPIM than worry about all this syncing & the PPC not liking the partnerships & such.

Now I can work off one PIM & it's always current.
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Post by Sharlene »

I have been using a ACT! for years ... until an upgrade completely trashed my computer. It was not a pretty scene for several weeks with the lost DAYS and frustration trying to get my computer straightened out, not to mention get to my contact and calendar information. My life is buried in my contact management / scheduling program. Needless to say, ACT!s are proprietary format the last few years left me dead in the water for importing my extremely important files. Who has the time for such nonsense. The good news is, the crash made me angry enough to search for a 'better way'. I found EPIM and was elated to find that the files are so much smaller, the install didn't terrify me and the ability to import databases to get rolling faster is truly amazing. I had conveniently 'printed' my proprietary ACT! contact list as a .pdf file about a month earlier to carry with me on the road and found that I could convert it to a text file and bingo ... import it into EPIM. WOW. I can't believe I made my life so difficult for so long! Then when I found that I could export my files in several different formats so that I could open them no matter where I had access to a computer made this program a no-brainer. No more giga-teeth-gnashing nightmares for me. The world is full of non-techies who are only interested in what works and makes their life manageable. Thus the need [and job security] for EPIM. I am folding this program into my consulting work as it's better than sliced bread no matter what you do for a living ... or hobby :D . Thanks so much!
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Post by Max »

Thank you, Sharlene:) We appreciate it very much...
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Post by rada »

Essential Team You are GREAT!!! :D I have just paid for a PIM ,,024h Lucky Reminder,,, sweet one, thought it is quite ok...BUT, there is no colors, something is missing, and I was trying for a few days to find better, which one will bring the colors, alarms using mp3 and much more...AND, some friend of mine have sent this one , Yours, I think the best one I have seen!!! THANK YOU!!! I wish you more and more success and will stay with you, trying to send my ideas...BEST WISHES TO ALL TEAM OF ESSENTIAL! :D

P.S. My first comment could be in regards using MP3 files as an alarm...maybe it should be solved without opening Winamp...Hope, in the future 24h Lucky has implemented it automaticly, without Winamp...Take my comment just as an idea, no metter with 24hRimander...
WE LOVE ESSENTIAL! Regards from Novi Sad, Serbia
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Replaced Keepass and Private Disk Light With EPIM!

Post by Lightrock »

I was using EPIM, Keepass for my passwords, and Private Disk Light for my protected data. IMHO, all three are the best at what they do. But I only needed Keepass to keep about 40 passwords, and didn't need the other options. With PDL I have to start it, find the secure file, enter a password, then go to My Computer and open of the drive containing my files. There must be a quicker way.

Now, I use the Notes section of EPIM to keep my passwords, and created a folder in Notes called My Documents where I attach documents as a backup to my home computer. If you do this, be sure to password-protect EPIM!.
I have many passwords, but only about 40 or so that I need regular access to. That's what I keep in EPIM.

Also, I've always been amazed at how much of the original formatting is retained when copying & pasting a Word or Excel document. This saves me from having to attach all documents.

So by simply creating a Passwords folder and a My Documents folder, I no longer need to run anything except for EPIM.

Thanks EPIM!
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Project Sanity

Post by shris »


I use EssentialPIM to store all of my text-based notes about my various projects, as well as contain my password hints (only hints!), useful tidbits, personal notes, etc.

I took the demo version with me on a business trip. I was taking notes in EPIM during conference calls, brainstorming bullet points to be later turned into documents, and referring to previous notes and action items taken down the same way. The rest of the project team decided to buy it too.

Now, in my Project list, I have one branch for Meeting Notes, with leaves for each meeting (named according to the date of the meeting). When I start a new meeting, I create a new leaf and just start typing raw conversation notes. When the meeting is over, I pluck out the actions and main points, stick those at the top, then copy the resulting bullet list to an email for the rest of the invitees. When the next meeting rolls around, I can check the previous meeting notes quickly and make sure every point is discussed. I can't, yet, highlight a bullet item in my list and right-click it to make it into a To-Do, but hopefully that will be coming soon. :D

When I get an email that has data I know I'm going to need later (a useful hyperlink, an access code, a reminder), I move it to EPIM. I could probably store all this stuff in Outlook, but without the aggregated text notes, it's just not all there. Now, I have to keep my calendar on the Exchange server, so synching that to EPIM isn't really going to work in a streamlined way, but maybe someday. So EPIM is my 'reference' tool, for now, and my to do list.

I love the simplicity of the formatting, the ease of use and speed. I've got it on a flash drive right now and it's just as spiffy fast as on the desktop. I am lovin' it. And since it's NOT Outlook, I know my personal data isn't getting distributed to the IT guys too. So I *can* keep everything together. I also love being able to print to custom paper sizes, though I wish it were a little easier to get it to print to 3x5 on my Samsung.

I hope you guys can keep this tool going, I don't want to get all married to it and then lose it.

michael in raleigh
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Post by michael in raleigh »

I want to add to this success story.

I use essentialPIM network in my home. I have a family of 5 and we all use different computers. My wife is a teacher and can enter her schedule into the calendar by using her laptop. My oldest daughter is now in high school and she can enter all her school activities from the kids computer. Even I can connect to the calendar file from my work laptop. This works great since we rely heavily on this calendar to keep us inform for all our household activities and events. Now from any computer in the house we can share and see what is going on.

We had been using a product called calendarscope for a few years and it had worked OK. But it had a limitation that it could only be seen from 1 computer. It made it difficult to keep our schedules in sync. I really wanted to be able to have 1 file on the main computer and have the rest connected to the same calendar file over the network. They were coming out with a network version and I was excited because (I thought) now I would be able to share on calendar with my whole family. I contacted them, thinking, they would give me a good deal. Not the case. They wanted an alot of money. I explained to them that I only need it in my home to coordinate my household. They were sort of rude about it and said it is what it is.

So I did a search and I was very happy to find EssentialPIMs web site. Not only did they have a single user version that was better than the product I was using, it was also free. Calendarscope wanted $40.

EssentialPIM also gave me a better deal (About half) on the cost of a 4 user network version than calendarscope did for a 3 user license.

EssentialPIM has alot more features.
Its licenses is by how many are log on and not by how many user you enter in the server. What the means is I can enter as many users as I want as long as I only have 4 logged on at a time.

Great product. I will pass it on.

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Re: Success Stories

Post by jepideju »

Great product. I've migrated everything from Outlook except about half my mail accounts. EPIM beats Outlook hands down as a true personal information manager. Outlook's lack of tree-layered rich-laden functional notes and tasks makes it a far second to EPIM. Further, EPIM is much more streamlined, versatile, and mobile. I'm an attorney and essentially use EPIM as a client database with the clients names as root folders in notes along with trial issues, opening/closing statements, witness examinations, intake info, etc. as child folders. Likewise, I use the the clients names as root folders in "to dos" and all of the scheduled tasks (court dates, depositions, etc) as child folders. It's an extremely efficient information manager that in my opinion has no equals.

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Re: Success Stories

Post by klaperek »

I am a design manager working in a Japanese manufacturing company in Thailand. It's difficult keeping up with all my daily tasks. I always lose notes. So I realized I needed a way to better preserve, and organize these notes. Then i came accross EPIM. It had all the features I needed to get really organized. But what really impressed me, was the development team. They really listen to and apply user suggestions in frequent version updates.

One way I love to use EPIM, is to type the name of the person I am talking to on the phone, into the search Box. Then, every ToDo item, appontment, and note related to that person, are instantly shown on my display. So now I never forget any topics to discuss anymore!

EPIM has really made my life alot easier. I don't think that I could get by without it.
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Re: Success Stories

Post by PeterH »

Have been using EssentialPimPro Portable for a week and am very, very pleased.
For me it ticks all the boxes as a replacement for Sidekick 98 which I considered the best ever PIM.

THANKS guys - for me best ever is now EPIM.

Peter H.
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Re: Success Stories

Post by Max »

Hello everyone!
Thank you very much for posting your encouraging words in this topic, everyone who is working on EPIM appreciates it very much. Those words inspire us to develop an even better EPIM for you.
As we are starting to establish Facebook community- we would appreciate if you post any comments on our Facebook page - that would help EPIM Facebook community to grow. We will be posting some exciting stuff on Facebook, so do not forget to "Like":)
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Re: Success Stories

Post by Christopher Whitmey »

Lotus Organizer 5 R.I.P. ! Used it for years... Now the need to sync with Android. Discovered EPIM. Tried Free but only for 24hrs - bought Pro. Import from Lotus was a puzzle. Then Googled and found if I exported calendar and planner in *.vcs then changed file end to *.ics (Ignore warning!) all items were imported including categories of planner. Brilliant! Thanks EPIM team. Keep up the good work.
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Re: Success Stories

Post by exocet »

I used EssentialPIM earlier this year to write and organize all the information needed for a book of brain teasers I was working on.

At first I tried to use Google Docs but that proved unpractical because the information was getting spread all around many documents, which I couldn't organize in a hierarchical way. I then learned about personal information managers, gave a few a try but went for EssentialPIM Pro after careful consideration.

This appears to have a been a great choice. The program proved itself to be perfectly stable and reliable, came with all the features I needed and having all the information in one place for the 500 brain teasers was extremely practical and saved me a lot of time.

I mostly used the Notes part, where of course the hierarchical tree was invaluable (I used a note for each of the 20+ types of brain teasers, and was colouring the note title green as they were completed to be able to gauge my progress quickly), but also the possibility of having several leaves inside a note. I typically used one for my rough notes and one for the final document with all the game instructions, answers and list of illustrations. I then exported that final document in Microsoft Word format and sent it to the publisher.

The book just got published in France a couple of weeks ago:

So thanks for a good program that proved to be very helpful. I'l use it on more projects in the future and I am now using it to store all my personal notes.
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