EPIM users in Sweden? Best of all Stockholm!

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EPIM users in Sweden? Best of all Stockholm!

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Hello everyone,
In some way I am a new user of EPIM, even though I bought it 3 to 4 years ago, because I found it simplicity and potential highly attractive.

Now just recently I have decided to try and make EPIM my default programme. My regular one, won't mention its name here has gone mad and technical support totally unreponsive to put it kindly.
The problem was that as I get so many emails I have to spend a lot of time deleting, and the programme also decided to start deleting on its own initiative. Hence EPIM. Which so far I am pretty positive about, and hope it will stay that way as I refuse to go on the outlook path.

I am not a programmer, but fairly computer li6terate, you have to be that nowadays to survive Microsoft. Paypal etc.

So I need to get up to speed very fast with EPIM. The EPIM people suggested I look in this part "EPIM in Action". Overall it looks good, but mainly good IMHO for people who have already mastered EPIM and looking for some additional ideas. That is not my position. I am looking for a good overall orientation to using the programme as a whole. Usain Bolt when he wants to run fast does not I believe focus on the colour of his shoelaces.These little tricks in this section are not what I am looking for at this stage, later certainly.

So can anyone steer me in the right direction, your suggestio0ns would be much appreciated.
One alternative would be to set up a group in Sweden, preferably Stockholm where I am based. Or it could be on my own web site which I have developed for such purposess, but mainly for political realms as I am fighting the UK govts Brexit policy, and many other policies, it is a non-co0mmercial site with very high ambitions of bringing about the sort of change which I in my "infinite" wisdom I think is necessary. The web site is in a transitional phase and will certainly become better and better in the nearish future.

The site link is:

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