How do YOU use EPIM

This forum lists success stories of EPIM users. If you find EPIM useful- welcome to post here!
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How do YOU use EPIM

Post by vlatko »

I've seen "like" and "don't like" treads. What I want to hear is how do you use it. Which functions do you use it most and for what? Give ideas for other people to hear. What function are "obsolete" for you? c'mon people.. 5 lines. I will write my routine in few days. Do you use some other programs that have similar functions (adress book in e-mail client, google calendar, IM software with personal info inside) ?
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Post by David_UK »

I'm a new user to Portable 1.95, which I am really pleased with.
I use it mainly to keep a note of my shifts, my Wife's shifts and our children's activities. I also use it to remind me of deadlines for various tasks and for being able to see the month at a view - it seems to help me comprehend what's going on like that.
The layout is excellent - business like but friendly. I colour-code types of entry which is useful at-a-glance.
I use the notes page for odd things I would otherwise lose.
Thanks - it's a valuable resource.
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Ok here I am.

Post by vlatko »

CONTACTS. I use this as FBI files:) This is my central database. I do not use it every day, but I have all the contacts I have ever collected. On daily basis I use my mobile phone, Miranda for IM contacts and Thunderbird for e-mail address book. So I go here if it is some contact that I do not use often (but I am sure I will find info here). I would like to be possible to export the pictures to some format that can be imported again. It would be better when I export them to RTF image dimensions to be same on all..not dependable on the DPI

NOTES is my favorite. I use it as a tree where I store all my passwords. I use Internet a lot and have many membership accounts. Also lot of standard facts, data that I use from time to time and do not want to lose them. I love the NOTES module.

TASKS and CALENDAR... I do not use often anymore. I switched to Google Groups mainly bcs it sends me SMS notification for the events. Also I use personalized Google home page for ToDo lists and Notes gadget for non important notes and small tasks But Google calendar do not inform me for the birthdays:(

One important aspect. Cyrillic is official alphabet here but EPIM is the only program I use with Macedonian interface (I am the translator) . Also all input is in Cyrillic. The problem is that mobile phones, IM contacts and Sender fields in e-mails.. 99% of the people fill them with Latin transliteration (or Cyrillic is not supported in hardware). Is it possible to put a second layer in the export filters to transliterate Cyrillic to Latin. Probably translators can put a table to the language file.

I use the Portable free version 1.8

Essential PIM use

Post by Albion »

I personaly use EssentialPIM everyday especially for the notes and contact modules.

In the notes I have:
A note for passwords
Notes for photos I like to bring always with me.
Notes for lists of foreign language vocabulary that I like to learn at any time.
Notes for recipes, that is ideas found on the web like "how to do this...", "how to do that..." that I find while browsing the internet.
Notes for ideas of trips (i write on it the contact, photos, locations informations of the place)
Notes for cheatSheets like shortcuts to word, excel, ... Or tables like the ascii table, it's like reference sheets
A note for the configuration of my computer
Notes for lyrics of songs
Notes for lists of websites

I don't use the calendar because I prefer to use the program "Screen Calendar", that enables to display the calendar on the background of the desktop. I would switch for the EssentialPIM Calendar if I had the feature to display the calendar on background.
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Post by chrisvi »

we, a famaly, use the calander on 4 pc`s in the network.
So every body can see who is away.
My wife and i use the portibal version in a usb stick at work.
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How Do I use EPIM .... let me count the ways

Post by salcedok »

In my current position I am a configuration management specialist for government projects.
I use EPIM Pro Portable to mantain control of the 3 projects I manage by:

tracking all the memebers of the teams and sending e-mails,
all the meetings and thier agendas
all the tasks being scheduled with links to the documents being generated by the tasks.

I love that it opens when I insert my pen drive and in one quick look I know where I stand on all the projects at once. I see what is due in the next few days and I have the documents at my fingertips with a click of the mouse.
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Post by offmdan »

I use it mainly for contacts now.
If sync with online server comes back, then perhaps calendar will overcome as my fav.
Still undecided about task and notes as i use Quick Notes stickies.
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Post by gtech »

I used it a lot to track the week-ends I had to work (every 3 week-ends), and of the pay days (every 2 week). Add the vacations, sickness days, etc... I could always refer to any period of time if I had to.

I had 3 surgeries in the last 2 years, so I could track every appointments with the doctors, and take note of the details. When my family doctor asked me some details she (and I...) didn't remember, everything was available.

I also track a group of lotto I've had for the past 10 years. I buy tickets every 5 week and we are 14 co-workers in that group. So I keep track of the vacation periods of everybody so they can leave me some money BEFORE they go on vacation.

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Re: How do YOU use EPIM

Post by glenn59 »

I use the Calendar and the To Do to keep track of what I need to do at home, at work, and at three volunteer organizations. The color-coding is extremely useful as all tasks at home are in varying shades of green, work in blue, and so forth. At a glance I can see where the conflicts are and reorganize quicker.
Since I can't link ToDo and notes, I include a reference in each to the other. Requires some bouncing, but has dramatically reduces overlooked "like" items.
All of this can be printed out weekly to be carried with me, where I jot down with a real pencil additions as they occur. Next access of program, I just copy the handwritten to PIM and reprint. I also make a ToDo for items at the store so my list is right in my pocket.
This U3 program has been an immense blessing! :D

2010-04 UPDATE: Thanks to the folks at Essential, the global linking and the screencast provided as instruction has eliminated my duplicated items in ToDo and Notes. So cool!
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Re: How do YOU use EPIM

Post by postscript »

The notes section is ideal for writing ad copy, using tabs for different versions of copy and for different clients.
I use a program called ProSpell 4.5 to check spelling within EssentialPIM (inexpensive at US$10)
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Re: How do YOU use EPIM

Post by bigfred »

EPIM is my life! Everything is stored here in one central location on a U3 drive for secuity and portability. It is all synced to my Nokia N73 for quick reference away from the computer and sync with Google calander keeping the family schedule organized as well. I use the following features:

Today Screen
I have never got into it and don't use it.

Keeps all future and past appointments and movements as it is important in my work to know where I have been, who i talked to and what about. Never rely on your memory.

All contact information stored here and synced to Nokia N73. I txt contxt via nokia PC suite bluetooth connection.

Task List
I use notes instead. I prefer more visual customization and leafs over start and finish dates for making lists and managing projects.

I have one for passwords.
I have one for my Task List/Project Management
- I use the tree structure to group and outline and icons to indicate category and status
- I use the leafs then for project management, budgets, storing research, recording progress and adding attachments
I have one for Sticky Notes
- I use this to display quotes, strategies or changes that I want to implement into my life.

Other software I use to complement EPIM
Dream Mail (U3 Drive)
- Email client but I will most likely move to EPIM in v3. Stilling testing it.
Projekt (Nokia N73)
- This is a task list in a tree structure which I update weekly after reviewing my Task List and Calendar assigning all my daily tasks to complete from shopping lists, phone calls to make to people to see.
- I could make it in the task list, export as a tabbed file, bluetooth to phone and import into Projekt but it's just quicker to manually put it straight into the phone,

EPIM Rocks! and kicks butt compared to other (not mentioning any names) overpriced, oversized and over complicated software that I used to use. Portability was the first selling point for me but now I wouldn't go back even if I didn't need it.
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