New user of EPIM

This forum lists success stories of EPIM users. If you find EPIM useful- welcome to post here!
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New user of EPIM

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As a very new user of EPIM (Free195) I must say how pleased I am to have found this program and to congratulate the developers.
I have used Outlook but have never felt comfortable with it. So for years I have used Excel for mundane projects like address books and that sort of works but its clunky. Finally I decided to get a dedicated address notebook and literally have looked at dozens of them, freeware and commercial. For the most part they are either simple and do not work very well, or they are more complex and commercial............and still do not work very well!. Pretty rapidly I found that a major limitation was their inability to import external database material. I could easily get my Excel data into CSV format but getting a CSV file into many address books is a nightmare. In this respect EPIM is a dream. Although I can't say I have mastered it, I have got it to import and have re-sorted headings etc. And it treats commas in the imported cells properly. This is something that's pretty important when importing a database of any size. I also came across the freeware program Open Contacts which promises to be a useful dedicated address book but has a very difficult to understand operation. EPIM imported my file instantly and intuitively whereas I am still battling to make Open Contacts do anything.
When I get the contacts section under control I want to explore printing and importing other databases and using the program in a more general way. However, at present I am very pleased with the program and am watching its development with interest.

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Thank you Erik, it is a pleasure to hear such feedback!:)

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