Good product

This forum lists success stories of EPIM users. If you find EPIM useful- welcome to post here!
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Good product

Post by johngoh09 »

First I have come to said THANK YOU ALL. You people have save my day. Your product came with fantastic database, simple layout for operate and button, easy understanding structure, and the contact im loving it. It give option to us to decide our field. Most of CRM was just fixed the field and follow their way.
Mail, Schedule It just work fine for me that need only few function since Im not advance user. And the colour thing I used quick a lot .

Conclusion is friendly user, clean layout and button, and it work.

Finally i believe it worth of money since im heavy user on contact so have little need to request here or i better post on suggestion topic.

Great work guys/girls
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Re: Good product

Post by Max »

Thank you for the praise! We are working hard on making it even better.
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Re: Good product

Post by Claudia »

Same for me. Recently I switched from Evernote to OneNote because Evernote's move in pricing policy really pissed me off. OneNote works nicely together with Outlook - which has been sitting on my computer unused since I have an Office 365 subscription. There are some things Excel does and OpenOffice Calc does not :( .
A week ago my EPIM database crashed - or so it felt - and I thought to now give Outlook a try. But to no avail! After having worked with EPIM for years, I am obviously used to logic and structure and there was no way dealing with the total confusion Outlook creates. Either I am lacking a certain cerebral gyrus, or Outlook is in fact some neo-darwinian training camp for enterprises.
In the meantime, between Max and me, we had the problem with the EPIM database fixed, and I came back, eating humble pie.
BTW, the new G-Mail integration worked like a charm. Though I resent having to have a G-Mail account at all.
Greetings, Claudia
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Re: Good product

Post by eanm »

Haha Claudia, I LOVED your comment about Outlook. It is SPOT ON in a hundred different ways!
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