Error trying to create new sync to Google

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Error trying to create new sync to Google

Post by MattcFriend »

Hi Support:
I am using the very latest version of Essentialpim Pro.
I am trying to create a sync between Essenialpim and my Google account.

When I get most of the way through the process it pops open a small box asking what app to use to open it.
I haven't been able to record the popup but here is a video I created to show where its happening:

It happens after I've selected my calendars, and hit the next button at the bottome.

I click allow:

Then after clicking the authorize again on the Google page it pops up a small box (which disappears if I try to click anything so I haven't recorded it: something about choosing a app to open it

I have tried in x3 differnet browsers, turned off my anti-virus and any browser plugins that might be blocking, uninstalled and reinstalled EssentialPimPro (latest version). and can't get past the step above as the last next button stays grayed out.

Help please...

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Re: Error trying to create new sync to Google

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This seems like a bug, will fix it in the next version of EPIM. For now, as a workaround solution, please create a new sync but do not select which calendars you'd like to be synchronized on the first step (you'll be able to turn them off later), in this case you should be able to create Google sync without problems. Thanks!
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