Problems with Newsletter in Version 7.6

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Problems with Newsletter in Version 7.6

Post by hamburg » Wed Dec 06, 2017 10:53 pm

Hello dear support team,

I was happy to announce that with version 7.6 now a newsletter in HTML formatting can be sent.

So I sent my 1300 customers a new newsletter. Unfortunately, the function is not finished yet, or has not been tested properly. I have received the following errors from my customers as feedback.

1. Obviously, in many cases, special characters are added to the text seemingly true. The German Umlaute (äöü) were not always affected. Although sometimes they were broken.

2. Within the mail seemingly random words with spaces are separated. In the text, which included half a Din A4 page, I had about 10 words that were separated in this way. If I understood correctly, the same words were affected in all mails. But I can not say for sure.

3. In my mail, I have put links to my web page in 4 lines. Three of the links have always worked. The fourth link, however, displayed the complete URL in about 50% of the emails, not the text. But that was not the case in every email. Maybe the faulty display is also dependent on the e-mail client of the recipient, unfortunately I could not check in detail. But there is still a mistake somewhere in there.

Have a nice evening and
Greetings from northern Germany

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