Pro 8.64 Desktop Calendar Tasks scroll

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Pro 8.64 Desktop Calendar Tasks scroll

Post by glenn59 »

After selecting calendar mode, mouse wheel will scroll both "Date blocks" panel and "Tasks" panel when the pointer is over the panels. However, once either the "Date blocks" panel or "Tasks" panel is selected, mouse pointer location recognition ceases functioning. Selecting "Title Bar" of either panel does not refocus pointer location. Behavior remains the same until another module is selected in the "Modules panel on left, and reselecting "Calendar" module, then behavior of mouse location recognition returns to normal. Selecting in either panel to refocus has resulted in inadvertently marking a task as completed, or inadvertently opening "New Appointment" popup.
Being able to refocus pointer by selecting panel's title bar would be an optimal solution. (Please)

Windows 7 system, Desktop Pro 8.64 version
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EPIM Desktop Pro V8.64 - Windows 7
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