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Syncing notes

Post by Essy »

The vast majority of time I use notes on my PC. The databases are stored on my PC. Once in a while I need/want it on my laptop.

Is there an easy way to sync between my PC and laptop?
No need for real-time. Once a hour is good enough. Pressing a 'sync now' button is great too. Usually even better because syncing potentially uses mobile data and it's no real use.

The sync should be in both ways.

I'm the only user so I'm working on my PC or laptop. So there should be no issues with version conflicts between the databases.

Is something described above possible?

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Re: Syncing notes

Post by Dierk »

PC (Desktop) to PC (Laptop) Sync would be useful for anyone who travels.

Sync my EPim data with my Smartphone, and find that works well for adding small data bits (Calendar / Task / Contact Info / Short Notes) when away.
The smaller screen size is not always ideal, but works Rather Well in the majority of cases.
Disclosure: running a Note 9, using the stylus (S-Pen) to run the MessagEase kb app in a Small size, which takes up minimal screen real estate.

EPim ALSO will sync to my Chromebook, and for the past 2 years or so have carried the Chromebook when traveling instead of a Windows PC: much lighter to carry, quick on & off, and still a much larger screen than a smartphone.

"2-Way Sync" might become problematical with Three devices - would depend on how robust the sync engine is, although hopefully the "worst case" would be Duplicate entries that would need cleaning up afterwards. EPim obviously does know when an entry has been changed on both devices involved in a Sync process (although I am often "Certain" that Both Instances have NOT been changed!).

POSSIBLE WORKAROUNDS? 1) Sync from PC to Smartphone, then from Smartphone to Laptop (have note actually tried this with EPim...)
2) Simply COPY the Desktop EPim data to the Laptop: this gains access to the data when away, but obviously foils the "2-way sync" goal.

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