Test builds 2021.04.06

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Test builds 2021.04.06

Post by Telesto »

Only inquiry. I pretty used to using test builds. And viewtopic.php?f=2&t=35945 shows there are. But not sure how this normally works. As there normally is some some kind of change log or list of bugs which got addressed. So think I'm missing out on some things
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Re: Test builds 2021.04.06

Post by Keldi »

I reported a bug and they gave me a link with a version to test if the fix they made solved the issue (and it did).
But later I noticed a totally unrelated issue in that build and reported it. Then I decided that it'll get pretty confusing fast if I start putting everything into the topic of the initial issue (I generally try to post one issue a topic), so I created the topic you mentioned above for the new issue.

As I said the build was given just to test out a fix for a particular issue, so it's quite possible that the other issues are just a thing of this particular build and never were going to end up in a release version, but just in case I reported them anyway.
So that's the story of the 'test build'.

But there is an option in EPIM to get beta versions (Tools > Options > General > Automatically check updates for > Beta Channel).
And you can ask here on forum to join beta testers to get access to the beta testers subforum.
I probably should join there myself and not post on the support forum for released versions about some mysterious test builds. lol

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