Date and or time problems = Windows problem = solved ?!

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Date and or time problems = Windows problem = solved ?!

Post by PeCe »

I do not know if this solution solves all problems with the time and/or date settings, but for me it worked. On my home computer the date and time settings were okay and they (my preference) displayed correctly hh:mm and dd-mm-jjjj with country setting to Netherlands and keyboard to US international.

On my new work computer I had the same settings, but in several programs after start-up the time settings were changed to hh:mm AM (PM) and date settings to mm-dd-jjjj also with country settings to Netherlands and keyboard to US international.

As described in several topics, reconfirming the date or day format in the control panel => Regional and Language settings the problem was solved until the next reboot.

After some time I found a solution on a Microsoft technet forum.
There this bug is discussed and a solution is described.

1) Open Regional and Language Options
2) Under "Format" pick anything else. (eg: English (United States)).
3) Press "Apply"
4) Under "Format" pick your desired locale (eg: English (United Kingdom)).
5) Press OK.

To be sure I also did the same with the second tab = Location. There I briefly changed location to another country and than back to the desired location. As stated in the beginning this works, the problems on my work computer are now solved. The date and time format are now the same as set in Windows. EssentialPIM and the other programs use this format and now have a correct format.

For the people who are interested in the thread I found on the Microsoft technet forum, see this link; ... 17bfa689e0
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Re: Date and or time problems = Windows problem = solved ?!

Post by baldero »

Hi PeCe

Thanks for the post. I think your route to the solution is the same as mine ie choose another layout etc and then revert to the one you use. Once the taskbar showed 'EN' as my location the date format problem disappeared. Previously I had no 'EN' as I had no other choices.



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Re: Date and or time problems = Windows problem = solved ?!

Post by vahoje »

Hallo Peter,
Jou voorgestelde procedure toegepast !
Na wijziging en herstart: datum, tijd en maandvermelding nu zoals gewenst !
Essential PIM agenda in samenwerking met 'Dropbox' prima product en steeds en overal gesychroniseerd!
Met oprechte dank
Groenten, Jean :D

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