Outlook.com solution

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Outlook.com solution

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I was having a lot of problems with the Exchange/Office sync, but then realised that the fact I had the datafile stored in a OneDrive folder might be causing those problems (access violations etc). So I've moved it to the built-in Dropbox option, and it seems (so far) to have fixed the problems. I'm guessing this has something to do with the way cloud services split the file between the local and remote version. One of the reasons I'd stayed away from the Dropbox option was a concern about that would happen if I was working offline (the whole point of this is that I should be able to use the software whether I'm working on my desktop machine or on my lightweight laptop when on the move) but I'm happy to see the Dropbox service is smart enough to run from its own local version of the datafile without having to run the full Dropbox desktop client (which I don't want to do given the limited RAM on the lightweight machine). So this is just to say that I'm happy and grateful, because the Outlook.com sync option has made Epim a valued piece of software once again. I have some comments about the Android sync but I'll post those on the Android thread.

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Re: Outlook.com solution

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thank you. EPIM built-in DropBox support uses DropBox API and thus does not rely on DropBox official or 3rd- party client.

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