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Android and

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It's not a real problem because the manual sync works for me, but I'm just curious why across various installations I've tried, the PC sync on Android NEVER detects my PC on the network, though it's fine when I then go to the manual option.
Apart from that I just want to say thanks because Epim finally gives me a decent version of my calendar on Android. The only other way I've found of doing that is to use Outlook for Android, but its calendar view options are to say the least limited. And the whole Epim package means I can mostly ditch both OneNote and Evernote, neither of which I like very much (the Evernote webclipper is really good, so Evernote is a good store for articles I want to keep, but apart from that Epim's note handling manages to be both simpler and more flexible than either). Joy.

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Re: Android and

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Please check settings of our router as WinEPIM announces its presence in the network via the Multicast method (it should be enabled by default in 99% of the cases but it never hurts to check).
And thanks for saying "thanks", appreciate that :)
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