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Issues synchronizing EPIM tasks with Iphone Reminders

Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 7:05 pm
by trb
I am using EPIM 7.61 and synchronizing Tasks with Reminders on latest IOS on my iphone 6s. Overall this is working well. I just have two questions/suggestions:

1. Lists vs Categories - I would like to be able to sync Iphone Reminders Lists with EPIM Tasks Categories. It seems to me that EPIMs Categories serve a similar function as Iphone's Lists. I can see the Iphone Lists in EPIM Tasks under "List of Origin", so I know that EPIM can seem them. In addition, after I created an EPIM category with the same name as each Iphone List, when I add a new task in EPIM in a category it gets sent to the same named list in Iphone Reminders. I guess what I would like would be a way to do that reverse. Namely when EPIM receives an item with a List of Origin which has the same name as an EPIM category it would automatically add the item to that category.

2. Priority category - Iphone has 4 priority categories. None, !, !!, !!!. When I use category ! in Iphone it shows up as two downward arrows in Task's priorities list. The problem is that ! then shows up as lower than no priority instead of higher on EPIM's priority list.

Overall, I really like 7.61. Max, thanks for all of your efforts.

Re: Issues synchronizing EPIM tasks with Iphone Reminders

Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 10:51 pm
by Max

I suppose you are using EssentialPIM Pro on Windows and iOS EPIM on iPhone..
In iOS EPIM, we have module called "To Do". It synchronizes with Windows EPIM module called "Tasks".
To Do's Lists correspond to Tasks List.
There is no correlation with Categories, as iOS To Do's do not have categories.

iOS's To Do uses Low, Normal and High priorities.

I wonder if you are using some kind of sync for built-in iOS Reminders.

Re: Issues synchronizing EPIM tasks with Iphone Reminders

Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 12:30 am
by trb
Hi Max,

Thanks for your response. I am using EPIM Pro on Windows 10 PC. I am not using IOS EPIM. I am just having EPIM Pro sync with Icloud since Icloud has already synced with the Iphone. Other than the two issues I mentioned, Tasks synced with Iphone's Reminders App flawlessly in both directions. The Iphone's calendar and EPIM's calendar also synced with no problems. (I am not yet tried to sync with EPIM Contacts.) I have no Apps on the Iphone to facilitate syncing. I am using Agenda: Widget+ and Reminder: Widget+ IOS apps, but all these do is give me a better widget on Iphone for Calendar and Reminders apps, respectively.

At least to me, IOS Reminders' Lists are functionally identical to EPIM's Categories. When I sync via Icloud, EPIM's is automatically organizing incoming tasks from IOS into these lists. After I created a category with the same name as each IOS list, tasks created in EPIM with an EPIM category are automatically placed by IOS into the list of the same name.

The screen shots show the IOS lists which EPIM created automatically


Re: Issues synchronizing EPIM tasks with Iphone Reminders

Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 10:19 pm
by Max

much clearer now, thanks! I understand your suggestion. However, that might be not so easy to implement. The thing is, Apple does not officially open iCloud synchronization protocol. We (as well as others) are using it without official guidance, and it relies mostly on experimentation. We will see what can be done.