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iOS Notes feature request

Post by jrovira »


EssentialPim is great, however I miss a feature in iOS EssentialPIM application which is to have my notes available in my iPhone.
I really prefer to have all my PIM data in EssentialPIM and forget about Outlook, GoogleDrive or Apple iCloud systems. But I am forced to use Apple notes because I need to carry some notes with me (you don't always have access to a PC and is handy to have them on iPhone)

I have seen in the forum similar requests that other users posted a few years ago. As per the comments, looks like there were some technical limitations imposed by Apple for the notes synchronization.

However what I am proposing is not an Apple iCloud notes synchronization.

What I am proposing is rather simple, is an EsssentialPIM Desktop to EssentialPIM iOS bypassing Apple notes:

- Implement a tree navigation in a similar fashion as is done with tasks
- Implement a notes viewer or simple editor (without text formatting and advanced feautres, somethig simple to collect notes on the go) in EssentialPIM iOS application
- Take the notes from EssentialPIM desktop database and sync directly with EssentialPIM iOS app (not with iOS notes), and viceversa depending on the EPIM sync profile settings.

Please let me know if you can add this feature in your roadmap.

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Re: iOS Notes feature request

Post by steinj14 »

I am interested in this functionality, too.
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Re: iOS Notes feature request

Post by Max »


thank you, suggestion noted.
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Re: iOS Notes feature request

Post by OakTree »

Yes please implement this feature, for the iPhone and for the iPad !
Tablets are now competitive with desktops in terms of functionality, and Apple remains the unchallenged market leader ( ... /worldwide).
EssentialPIM needs to occupy that space for Notes taking.
Apple Notes, Evernote and the like only support one or 2 nesting levels. EPIM can really differentiate itself in the iPad ecosystem with its support for multilevel tree structures.
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Re: iOS Notes feature request

Post by Pana »

The iOS-app is still very worthless, after all those years. Please add notes-sync asap (with selected notes option to sync)
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Re: iOS Notes feature request

Post by DVBrown5 »

The very reason I don't use this program, been wanting to but without notes on iOS I have little use for it.
Been using Efficcess (PC and iOS) but I don't like it as much as I do EssentialPIM on my desktop.
Is there any reasonable explanation as to why notes aren't available?
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Re: iOS Notes feature request

Post by admin »

Yes, availability of recourses at hand is the keyword here. We have the notes module for iOS EPIM in plans, though.
Android version of EssentialPIM. Keep all your data in sync!
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