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Attach sticky to window

Post by r0n »

Is there any chance that the following feature can be added:

The ability to attach a sticky to a window.
The sticky would become visible as soon the window it is attached to, becomes visible.

And allow wildcards for windownames / windowclass.
(Each window in windows has a NAME and CLASS, the attaching would be done based on the NAME and/or CLASS).

Many applications make it possible to have the path of the file that is opened to be displayed in the title of the window.
Example: user opens "c:\test.txt" then window title of the text editor displays: file - c:\test.txt
In epim the sticky could then be attached to a window NAME with: "*c:\test.txt*", now any window that has "c:\test.txt" in it's title would trigger the corresponding epim-sticky to display itself (attach to the window that has "c:\test.txt").

Why do all this:
Assume the user editing a note that is attached to windows with "c:\test.txt" in the mobile app.
Now assume the user is home and is working on his windows PC with epim running.
The moment the user is opening a file "c:\test.txt" then the note which is attached to any window with "c:\test.txt" in it's title would attach itself to that window!
It's a productivity booster (in my very humble opinion).

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Re: Attach sticky to window

Post by Keldi »

Even without the synchronization aspect it sounds like a great feature, a way to make annotations to things.

More examples of possible use:
You open 'some_path\document.pdf' and right in front of you there is a sticky note with 'The information about this and that on the fourth page is really correct. It was checked. Two times. Don't waste your time on it. It just looks like it's wrong'.
Or you open 'some_path\scanned_document.jpg' and a sticky says 'The numbers from the third table were included into the monthly report, May 2020'.
You open 'some_path\draft.docx' and there it says 'The second paragraph needs clarification, get in touch with John Smith' with a link to the contact.
You open some 'program_name' that you use once or twice a year, and a sticky says 'uncheck the second checkbox before clicking on 'Proceed!' (oh, how much time I've spent rediscovering ins and outs of some software only to forget it by the time I need to use it again... I even have step-by-step in notes for some things, but I often do something wrong time and time again before I remember that I have an instruction for myself how to do it right).

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Re: Attach sticky to window

Post by S_Belle »

+1 to attach show/hide with windows, documents, and web-sites

My last sticky note program had this feature and it was quite handy, but it was missing too many other important features which is why I moved over to EPIM sticky notes.

Since you can only really do this based of the window title it does have limitations with a lot of programs, but most of the time programs are pretty good about unique window titles for different files and it works quite well.

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Re: Attach sticky to window

Post by admin »

Thanks for the suggestion and use cases, will consider implementing this feature.
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