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Single Mail Account receive button

Post by dustyv »

This suggestion is going to sound 'picky', but here goes.
Could a 'drop box' button be put on the title bar (where the Send/Receive button is) in the Mail segment - that would allow the user to pick an individual e-mail account they need to check - not all the accounts?
I know this already exists in the "Tools" --> "Receive" part, but I think an individuals working time would be saved with my suggestion of it being present as a separate visible button with a drop box.
Or maybe as an addition to the right click context menu in the Account list.
My apologies if my description isn't in 'Techie' language - but I am not a 'Techie'.
Obliged for your observations and advice.
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Re: Single Mail Account receive button

Post by admin »

Sounds like a good idea, thanks for bringing it up.
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