Prefetching mail

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Prefetching mail

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On my Android phone I'm using an email app that fetches/caches the complete messages (incl. pictures etc) when using WiFi.
When using mobile data only fetches plain text and the pictures on demand. Lots more setting to finetune things but I won't bother you with that.

What I would like is that ePIM works a little more similar to that Android app on my Windows laptop. (and desktop)
As soon as a message arrives, don't just show a label with the number of new messages, but prefetch them.
On my PC the result would be a few seconds less loading time. That's not a dramatic improvement.
But on my laptop things are way different in my situation. Often it doesn't have internet connection (flights) but I can still read and answer emails.
Yes I could open all mail folders regularly when I have a WiFi/wired connection to fetch my mail, but doing things automatically would be a real improvement.

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Re: Prefetching mail

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You can click on the Manage Folder button and set synchronization type as full messages for the required folders. Hope that's what you were looking for.
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