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Hi there,

sorry for the delay.
admin wrote: Thu Feb 18, 2021 10:55 am What are the existing bugs?
See for example here:
(This one will celebrate its first birthday soon. "Will attempt to fix in the next update." Several updates since then and no fix. Just tested with a portable installation of EPIM 9.7.5 Pro.)

Another one:
(Of similar age. No progress since then.)

Another one:
A serious privacy breach, possibly even violating GDPR. Three years old, many new releases since then and still not fixed.
admin wrote: Thu Feb 18, 2021 10:55 am We've been using a bug tracker since probably introduction of EPIM, although it's for internal use only. I doubt many users (except for couple of enthusiasts) will be interested in getting access to it.
I should have made myself clearer: I mean a tool where users can file a bug, get a ticket number, and watch its progress (of course no internals of your developers but things like "Bug confirmed", "WIll be fixed in forthcoming version 13.15 scheduled for October 2025", "Unable to reproduce", "Duplicate, see bug #47110815", "Works as designed" and so on). So basically the same information you write into your forum postings, but in a more structured form. This would have many advantages: Users have a simple overview over the tickets they created, nothing gets lost, it would be much easier to reference to a bug via its number (for example in the release notes!) and so forth.

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