Shuffling shortcuts around

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Shuffling shortcuts around

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As posted before, I have used plenty of PIM managers. However current 'shortcuts' at EssentialPIM is really one of the worst (sorry). Enter in tree should insert a new note below (no dialog). CTRL+Enter sibling.

CTRL+N could be used for with dialog (if this needed somehow).

Don't distinct between 'root' and sibling. Maybe present as legacy option. But root entry has no actual value. Never missed it in MyInfo/RightNote/TreeDBNotes.

General advice here, take look at the competition and copy/mimic their good idea's (InfoQube/RN/MyInfo are my favorites). Previously user of TreeDBNotes. Biggest issue for CRIMPERS not how it functions (so workflow). However somehow developers are 'done' with it (single person company's). Don't want to invest again. TreePad was simply legacy code. Even 10 years back. I outgrow TreeDBNotes (wrong database structure, speed became the issue; couldn't handle search 50.000 notes speedy manner. And developer bit lackluster anyhow. RightNote is again improvement (but multi-database handling pain, and the RichTextView component not totally handle all HTML stuff. And no PDF preview (of attached files). But + for simple spreadsheet note. To Chromium approach of MyInfo is again really interesting. InfoQube surely source of inspiration. However couldn't get hang of the GUI.

However RN/MyInfo/InfoQube don't have a e-mail client/ password manager/Contact manager. Strong points of EssentialPIM (Password Manager & contact manager where also present in TreeDBNotes).

And there is a change that if EssentialPIM would have embedded browser (Chromium) with clipping support to notes) I properly would run EssentialPIM the whole day.

And yes, we where here before (in some sense): Mozilla Application Suite nowdays SeaMonkey. But well not sure why that failed? Would look for the mistakes made back then (probably to much focus area's to work on at the same time) and somewhat to do with they Browser Engine rebuild. I moved pretty quick to FireFox back in the day. So maybe the initial path changes. Always assumed that Firefox would become the Mozilla Application Suite at the end (with focus on the engine on the start). But that didn't turn out to be true. And well not big feeling I missed out on something by using Firefox, in comparison to Mozilla Application Suite.
However Mozilla Application Suite didn't support Notes, & calendar (?). And surely not properly design to switch between modules easily. So concept was OK, but lacking notes.

Currently I tend to walk around Mozilla Gecko engine. The extension redesign made me finally move too (landed by Vivaldi; so more or less Opera, but that couldn't get my approval back in the day because of Presto (some version before).

Vivaldi has the most potential/interesting feature set. And is in fact rebuilding Opera (which was also more a Mozilla Application Suite). Didn't test the e-mail support yet, but if it renders as a tab in the sidebar (it becomes interesting). So I seeing it going onto same direction from different starting points. Starting to build as browser in mind. Or e-mail client, or Note Taker. Those components will collide into one application. Until the code becomes screwed (to complex or riddled with bugs) and the untangling begins. However this is not because of 'demand' at user side, but more development issue. One approach is to build it 'modular' (similar to extensions). So bugs not starting to flow across all components. Which Chromium kind of does related to separate process/ sandboxes. This doesn't mean I want something which can be 'extended' by extensions. Like FireFox/Chrome does necessary. But must be build alike being extensions.

That's one of the issue with current implementation of EssentialPIM, it's running in single thread for all components (so e-mail downloading, is not 100% background process). Nor is optimized of multi-core. That are surely things which the devs at google/Chromium have seen properly. It brings different issues, but I think it worth the costs.

But well taking here about pretty big refactor, I guess. So might cost 2-3 years of work depending of the number of developers available (I'm used to single developer 'teams' :mrgreen: ). Or placed in economically, it would be quite an investment
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Re: Shuffling shortcuts around

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Interesting story, thanks for sharing. Took a note about shortcuts.
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