TRO, Total, relaxed organization with EPIM

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TRO, Total, relaxed organization with EPIM

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Priacta included EPIM (EssentialPIM Pro) in its software comparision, but claims, EPIM would not be TRO-ready: ... ftware.php

After finishing TRO-training I think that EPIM can be adjusted to TRO quite easily with its custom field feature for tasks which also was handy for implementing General Data Protection Regulation in my office, ... Regulation.
I already had 300 recurrent tasks for organizing my dental office which I then could assign to paragraphs/demands of the GDPR (= drop down list of a custom field).

Everybody in a need for an advanced time management system should have a look at TRO. I switched from my old system (Prof. Löhn, Löhnmethode, to TRO and learned some new tricks which work especially well with an integrated suite like EPIM, e. g. turning tasks into emails and vice versa; mirroring tasks into the calendar. Löhn is a paper system, 10 years for me, then I used it on Outlook for 10 years and for 2 years with EPIM till a week ago. I`m just training my 6 employees for TRO, and the transition is not too difficult because basic principles remain the same.

You won`t find useful information on TRO on the web, I think (perhaps I will write a summary, if I find time). But the web course from Priacta ist quite inexpensive (80 USD).

To get a better picture for organizing bigger companies I highly recommend the book Neverboss from the inventor of TRO (Kevin Crenshaw, only 4 Euro for Kindle). And the book is a more enjoyable read than the course above, which makes it a good motivator for change: ... way&sr=8-1
Neverboss: Great Leadership by Letting Go (English Edition) Kindle Edition
von Kevin Crenshaw (Autor), Laura Shanae Crenshaw (Herausgeber)

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