Disappearing recurrent tasks

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Disappearing recurrent tasks

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The problem of disappearing recurrent tasks hurts us every few weeks... One mechanism I have described here:
https://www.essentialpim.com/forum/view ... 31&t=27714

Another one results from the fact that the default for a new task sets an end date for a recurrent task: Checkmarking "Repeat every" always sets a checkmark in the field "Expires", and that`s always wrong for us. Can anything be done about that?

In a multi-user environment the problem is even worse, because the recurrent private tasks are only visible for me in my admin role. Recurrent tasks may have slipped away months ago, and we only recognize it when trouble follows. Really helpful would be tighter setting of rights by the admin. I would like that only an admin can change the settings for the "recurrent" part of every task. An alternative could be if the program would ask back: "Do you really, really want to remove recurrency?" "Click Yes!" "Still sure?" "Click once more..." With Outlook we never had problems with disappearing recurrents tasks. My assistants could remove recurrency there, but not by accident. One had to click a few times more, and it seems, that this had been an important insurance against silliness and errors...

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