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Linked Field

Post by dream_weaver »

I use linked fields a lot to aid in finding things later.

I noticed that I can create a linked name to a contact (name, or company) in the notes section of the contact and it will sync a linked text to my android database that I can copy and paste into an appointment, etc.

I've tried creating a unique text field on the PC side in order to replicate this capability without success.

Pulling up the notes section allows the text (links and all) to be copied with a click of the clipboard icon on the side. This takes the entire note. I was hoping to replicate this with a dedicated field for just the name or company name but the added text fields do not communicate the link along with the text as the notes section of each contact appears to.

I'm hoping this might be an appealing enough suggestion to merit action upon.

Respectfully, thanks.
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Re: Linked Field

Post by admin »

Thanks for the suggestion, noted.
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