Formatting (tasks) - YOU ARE THE BEST!

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Formatting (tasks) - YOU ARE THE BEST!

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I depend on tasks a lot. I do a force sync, PC to phone (android). Call me 'old school', it's what I do. Unfortunately, the task module formatting never transfers and I had to come up with weird strategies.

UNTIL TODAY! I noticed there was an update mentioning formatting for the notes module on Android. Low and behold and sure enough, all my notes looked the same as on my PC app. But the tasks module 'seemed' messed up worse. I did another sync and wow, the tasks module has formatting too!

The PC software and android app are now fully usable for me; personally and professionally.

Developers, THANK YOU! You are rare. You may take some time to get around the many, many issues but you always stay interested in the development of your product, and get there.

I am a pro user and have recommended the program time and again. As an RN, I have mentioned your app and program on a few nursing and doctor forums and quite a few people have replied with a thank you. Using the program/app professionally was not as useful without the formatting on the phone. Now I can really promote my like for your work. THANK YOU SO MUCH and Happy Holidays.
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