Link to google calendar -> rights

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Link to google calendar -> rights

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

today I tried essentialpim free (actual version) running on a Win7 Laptop.

Parallel to this test I tried ESSEssentialPIM for android 5.7.2 (free) on my Samsung Galaxy S5 / Android 6.0.1

I'd like to conect my google calendar with the app and after I selected my google account I should agree to "allow "...the app is allowed to access, change, grant acced and delete finally all google calendars..." (I translated from German version of the app).

I'm very afraid, why will the app "delete finaly" google calendars?

fyi: I stopped here and did not agree to that, because I do not oversee the consequences (reason or that task :D )

Who can help me to understand?

Kindly note: I'm not a native English speaker, but German.
So I tried to translate, what I got from the German version of the app, which might be slightly different in the original English app.
I hope you will understand anyway.

I found, that I cound import my contacts, but not sync them with the local address book on my mobile.
As I have not synced them with my google account for legal requirements - how can I sync the local contacts with EssentialPIM? Actually - as I understood - I have them double: once on the mobile and another once in the app.

Kind regard
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Re: Link to google calendar -> rights

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Permission to delete Google calendars is a common one that's required if you wish to create Google calendars for each of EPIM categories. So that you can then alter them in any way (change color, rename, delete).
As for the contacts. You are able to sync them through Google Contacts but not locally. Thanks!
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