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ICE on Android

Post by bobmac1547 »

Looking for ideas from the EPIM (Pro) community...

There are lots of apps available for ICE (In Case of Emergency) on the [Android] mobile phone. There are even apps where icons can be placed on the lock screen.

However, all these apps either hold your sensitive medical info in the cloud (an absolute non-starter for me), or are very limited in what information they can contain. I am not wanting a dialing function or contact with some call center. I already have that with my Philips Lifeline "button" which I wear all the time.

I have a "feeling" that the Notes function of EPIM could do what I want but I'm wondering if anyone else has done this. I want to have organized info about my medical situation: meds, supplements, current issues, history, immunizations, doctor's numbers, etc. It would need to be accessible by first responders, hospitals, etc.

I'm not sure if I've articulated this very well, but I thought I'd throw it out here and see if anyone has any ideas or wants any clarifications.

Thanks in advance...
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