authentication issue with EPIM 6.56

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authentication issue with EPIM 6.56

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I have an EPIM 6.56 and with one email server, SSL/TLS (port 995) and STARTTLS (port 110) don't work. gives some sort of error about violation of protocol and EOF. plaintext authentication (port 110) does work. SSL/TLS and STARTTLS do work for other email accounts on other email server.

I also have EPIM 8.66 and 10.12 installations for troubleshooting. created the same email accounts on those with the same exact settings and they work just fine.

someone thought the errors suggest an obsolete version of TLS because that's the error you get when the server doesn't like the handshake and closes the connection instead of doing its half of the handshake. they said anything older than TLS 1.2 is deprecated.

it's not the server because the same email accounts and settings work with EPIM 8.66 and 10.12 but not EPIM 6.56.

what version of TLS does EPIM 6.56 use?
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