All passwords duplicated after direct syn (Android-Win)

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All passwords duplicated after direct syn (Android-Win)

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Hi there,

just wanted to know, whether anything is know to what seems to be an issue?

Once again I recognised that all passwords were duplicated in WinEPIM. As this duplication took place in AEPIM as well, I presume, that this process took place when direct 2-way-sync was done.
It's always rather simple to delete the duplicates, in WinEPIM, as they all seem to have the same date of creation. Sorting the entries by date of creation, marking/deleting the duplicates and doing a one way sync to AEPIM, will solve the problem.

Does anybody have had the same problem, and is anything know of an issue that has been solved, as to creating duplicates the way I described? As this procedure takes places rather often (say every month), it would be very nice to know, how to avoid it or if there was an issue, that has been solved!
Sure it would be helpful to have a log file, but so far I recognised the duplicates not early enough, to grab such a log file.

Thanks for any information
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