Project Organization?

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Project Organization?

Post by michaelarch »

I am relatively new to EPIM (although it's been on my laptop for at least 10 years now).

I have used a couple of PIM systems over the past 2 decades, both of which allowed the creation of a project list. I could view a screen that provided a list of all active projects and allowed for filtering by various means. From what I can tell, the ONLY means in EPIM to catalog items (email, notes, tasks) by project is to create Groups. Am I missing something or is the best (and only) means to deal with projects? I will add that I am NOT interested in tracking time, assigning tasks to others and similar functions that so many cloud-based PM systems provide for.

I would appreciate any input or suggestions that current users might have along these lines.

Thanks a million!!!
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Re: Project Organization?

Post by nareom »

what about using tags?
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Re: Project Organization?

Post by daho2018 »


I had a similar issue, have a look at these posts:

Especially @DG's version with his examples. Maybe there is something helpful here.

Alternatively, of course, the option with the TAGs if it is to be cross-module.

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