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Templates / API

Post by gusdelrio »

I have used Epim for several years, I started using it as a mail client, then as a save notes and reminders, currently as a task manager. Lately it has helped me keep all the documentation of my projects together. Two points that EPIM must have to be extremely efficient and productive are:

1) Templates: It allow to save a Notes or Tasks Structure and that can be reused quickly. Example the Base Line to ProjectManager.
2) Hooks and APIs: Allows you to invoke external commands when performing an action and expose Epim elements to third parties through an API. This would make EPIM a magnificent project manager, making it more in line with today's world.

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Re: Templates / API

Post by Max »


thank you for the suggestions. To comment on first item, what prevents you from keeping a branch of Notes as a template and copy-pasting it?
Regarding hooks and APIs- those are most effective for applications that are hosted online (e.g. for Webhook to work, EPIM should be online), thus not sure if that would find a lot of use for a Windows application like EPIM.

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