[fixed in EPIM 9.0 RC2] Anniversaries stuck when switching databases

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[fixed in EPIM 9.0 RC2] Anniversaries stuck when switching databases

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When I switch between epim-databases the ANNIVERSARIES section of EPIM Today remains from the first-opened database.


I created 3 new databases in EPIM Portable Pro 9.0 RC1: anniversaries1.epim, anniversaries2.epim and anniversaries3.epim
In each of them I created a contact with a birthday on today: database 1 contact; database 2 contact; database 3 contact.
I switched to anniversaries1.epim and exited EPIM.

I restart EPIM, it has anniversaries1.epim opened and it shows the right contact's birthday:
I switch to anniversaries2.epim through the menu File:
epim_anniversaries0.png (1.43 KiB) Viewed 43 times
anniversaries2.epim is open, but the contact is still from anniversaries1.epim
I switch to anniversaries3.epim, still the same contact:
It's really easy to miss some anniversary this way. Even when I switch to the Calendar module, there is still the contact from the closed database in the section that reminds of birthdays for the day. (And seeing contacts from 'personal' database in a 'work' database and vice versa is annoying too).
The only two ways to get the right information for anniversaries that I know of is to restart the EPIM or to edit/create an contact (even if it doesn't have any data in the birthday or any other date field).
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Re: Anniversaries stuck when switching databases

Post by admin »

Confirm this bug, will fix. Thanks!
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