Styles in Notes over formatted text

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Styles in Notes over formatted text

Post by Keldi »

EPIM Pro Portable 9.2, Windows 7

I'm having a weird issue with Styles in Notes.

If I apply any custom style to a default text (Arial 10, regular, black) with a link in it,
the next time I try to apply the same style, it'll be blue and underlined.
But the style comes back to normal after switching to another note.

The same thing happens with <default> style, when I change the format of the text, for example to
Verdana 14, Bold Italic, red
and then try to apply the <default> style to another text.

In attachments - an animated gif.
epim_styles (animated gif).gif

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Re: Styles in Notes over formatted text

Post by mvisconte »


I just upgraded to EPIM 9.2.0, and created a new DB using EPIM Synchronizer.

My named <default> style had been re-defined as Arial, regular, 12 pt, because: needed larger font.

Applying <default> to plain text, no links, resulted in Times New Roman, Regular, 12 pt, Underline, Blue.

I manually (re)edited the <default> style -- the changes did not take effect all at once.
I had to re-edit the style three times before it resulted in the original <default> style.

I checked the settings: Tools / Options / Notes, Default Font: Arial 10.

This is not critical, as I could fix the issues - but I wanted others to be aware and alert for similar occurrences.

I was incorrect in my last statement.
I re-defined <default>, and tried it a couple of times in the same note in my new DB.
I created a new note, pasted some text in, and it pasted in BLUE (but with Arial 12).
I selected the text and applied <default> to it, and it changed to Times New Roman, 12 pt, Underline, Blue.


Still not a CRITICAL thing, more an annoying thing. I'll define another style with what I wanted for <default> and will be able to "fix" new work quickly.

When I get some time, I'll exit EPIM and look for Styles files to see if I can discover anything.

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Re: Styles in Notes over formatted text

Post by admin »

Thanks for the reports, confirm the issue, will attempt to fix ASAP.
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