[SOLVED] I can't sync my contacts groups to and from Google

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[SOLVED] I can't sync my contacts groups to and from Google

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If I change the name of a contact group, or I creat another one, it doesn't reflects at my Google account contacts labels, neither one or two ways of sync. No matter if the gropus are placed at the root of my contact list, or if they are any branch.

UPDATE: oops! Forget about groups, I realize that non of my contacts is syncing to Google!

EPIM Pro Desktop installed 9.4.1, Win 10.

UPDATE Nov-1-2020

Ok. This is what I found on this trouble: EPIM doesn't sync any change you make on Groups names at your Google account Contacts. It just stops in the sync process (showing there was a problem with one of the groups you edited).

As a workaround what you can do is not to re-name a group but create a newone (with de name you want) and then move your contacts to it. Then delete the old group. Now syncing process will work again.
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