Sync of EPIM links Win7 to Android 9 + Linking in EPIM

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Sync of EPIM links Win7 to Android 9 + Linking in EPIM

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I can at link of a EPIM note to a calendar entry on windows, but on Android I see only the name of it. If I click on edit of the entry under android, I see something like: epim://C:\Users\<windows-user-namen>\<PATH-Name of the EPIM-file>/notes/183118312254871331 .
On windows I can open it pressing Crlt and click it or use the tab next to text.
I can not add any link to EPIM on the Android side.

A link to a task added in the related entry tab, is not even noted on android after sync. (Luckily it is preserved)
It looks that something is wrong here. Why should I write notes outside EPIM just to be able to sync them. If the link concept not work at home (Win) and on the go (mobile) it is of limited help.

A simple attached picture work in both direction, but it takes me a while to notice, that a click don't open it but just offer an extra icon line at the bottom, were an additional click is required.

If you ask yourself why it is sense full to link notes to a calendar entry, well any time you need a Information more than once you need it. e.g. several dates to finish a long to-do list, or reference Information require several times.
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