A browser module/perspective

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A browser module/perspective

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Kind of follow up/ spin-off of my musing here: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=35890

Based on CEF4Delphi + Chromium. The major concern of me are security updates and such. Still not figured how manage that with people sticking to older versions and such. (Dislike forced upgrades). So similar to auto-update inquiry a message, you're using Chromium version XYZ. Current is 123.
Ideally I tendency to having it kind of com/embedded structure. So it's possible to updated the browser binary's without touching 'main' application. Instead of tying the application binary's directly to Chromium (which the CEF4Delphi apparently does).

Another route would be some sort of wrapper.. So core application (EssentialPIM.exe). And EssentialPIMChromium.exe or DLL which loads the Chromium browser. So EssentialPIM.exe communicating with chromium by means of EssentialPIMChromium. But well no expert about this. There was a browser component in Delphi 6/7 using .com for interaction? But that depended heavily on the system browser. Loaded probably only IE (and maybe even particular version). Would prefer that the Chromium binary's a shipped with EssentialPIM. Don't think it's possible to pull those from Chromium project itself to directly embed in EssentialPIM. Aside from issues you import with every Chromium version around.

Enough Chromium based browsers around, but all of those do the chromium bumps (into the dev project) updates manually (or semi-manually)
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