EPIM and Outlook/Office365/Exchange

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EPIM and Outlook/Office365/Exchange

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At my office we are using Outlook on the computer with a Microsoft Exchange account.
I also have a Win EPIM database with some extra Work data that is currently seperated from the Outlook/Exchange setup above. The Win EPIM database is synced to my Android EPIM.

What are the possible options to "merge" both data-sources to some degree and how could this be achieved?

- on Android EPIM-settings for the different modules it seems that only synchronisations with Google "modules" is possible, but not with Exchange/Outlook 365 directly. So any sync between Exchange/Office 365 would only be possible via Win EPIM, is that correct?

- I guess adding an Outlook synchronization in Win EPIM (Synchronization > Add Synchronization > Outlook ...) would sync Win EPIM with Outlook on the computer only and would as such not allow to sync Win EPIM (portable) directly to Office365/Exchange when I am on another computer?

- I guess adding an Office365/Outlook.com synchronization in Win EPIM (Synchronization > Add Synchronization > Office365/Outlook.com) would sync Win EPIM directly to Office365/Exchange without the need for Outlook on the computer? But getting data to/from Android EPIM would still need Win EPIM (computer and phone in same network, etc. ...)?

- would it help to add an iCal subscription feed in Win EPIM? This would probably only show Office365/Exchange calendar in Win EPIM one-directionally (read-only in Win EPIM so no data can be entered there to send it to Office365/Exchange)?

- for all the above: Win EPIM has more possibilities than Outlook/Exchange: tasks and can be in trees, calendar items have categories, tasks can be shown in calendar, contacts can be in groups which can be in trees, ... Is all of this handled well if EPIM data is communicating with Outlook/Exchange data in any of the above ways?

- any possibilities available to make absolutely sure that some data is not synced from EPIM to Outlook/Exchange (some private tasks, appointments, contacts, ...)?

Any thoughts/advice welcome!

Thanks in advance & kind regards.
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