Category always vanishes

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Category always vanishes

Post by poet-man »

Hi there,

trying to find the reason why there often are duplicates of my categories. Has something to do with WinEPIM<->AEPIM sync.

One of the things I find is that colour which is assigned to categories may play a role. Can anybody confirm this ...
A category in AEPIM has red as colour. The same category in WinEPIM is red also, but not the exact shade - seems that after sync the event in calender in WinEPIM (which was there before) suddenly has no category assigned (black), just as WinEPIM didnt know what is the correct category for the event, when syncing. Trying this with a different category, that seems to be identic in both programs, event is synced over correct. Also seems, that as a result possibly that category is there twice in WinEPIM database.

What should be mentioned as well, is, that sometimes categories suddenly appear out of the blue, that I never ever use ... such as "holiday" ...

So how does the sync procedure recognise, which category is assigned to an event? And where do the "holiday"-categories come from?
I've also tried to do an AEPIM -> WinEPIM sync, to get correct data in WinEPIM. Seemed to be ok for some days ... until the whole thing started all over again.

So hope, some day I will find the reason for all this. For now I have once again tried to get categories in order on both sides.
Everything I mention comes out of my experience. I'm not an expert. Feel free to try anything I suggest ... but always at your own risk.
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