Margins for notes?

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Margins for notes?

Post by Ipim19 »

Is there a way to set "margins" for Notes in Epim?

The Problem: The text in notes spans almost over the complete screen from left to right, which often makes it hard to read.

What I am looking for: Is there a way to make the text contents of a note look more like a portrait view (so that it looks like a printed page) instead of the landscape mode.

The only "hack" I found is to just go out of maximized mode and resize the whole program, which basically gives me the desired effect... but the downside is, that now I see the desktop in the back, which is an unwanted distraction.

EDIT: After Googling this a little more, I found the Solution:
Rulers were introduced in Version 11.1 To enable it click View > Rulers.

That's what I was looking for. THANKS
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