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One Click blank note

Post by VictorParkerPIM »

When I copy something, I find my self looking for a place to paste it.
If I create a new note for every paste, then I can't remember where it is later.

True one click links ( not Ctrl+ links )
The read-only does not effect the way the links work.
Read-Only keeps the link names from being changed or deleted.
2023-12-09_141909.jpg (36.69 KiB) Viewed 5620 times
One Click Hyperlinks to where you want to go. ( Will explain how to make them one click later if needed )
Left click Blank Note in Menu: This Note should be blank to paste anything anytime with one click.
This Note is full screen, so there is no distractions from other stuff on the screen.

If the programers could do this it would be great.
How to keep it blank: Before exit, ( "Auto Ctrol+A, Ctrl+X, right click to the right of the + on the Leaf Bar, select Paste,
this automatically creates a new leaf and puts contents of leaf 1 into it. Put focus back on leaf 1 for the next paste and exit." )

This saves each pasted content to a new Leaf and leaves Leaf 1 blank.
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